Sunday, 15 February 2015

Hi guys, I just thought I would write something inspirational today. I want everybody to think back to their childhood and write down exactly what made them happy, what made you feel alive? excited... So many people have got into a routine in their lives that they become unhappy and forget their purpose. I've studied so many courses and thought I wanted to do so many different things or I had to have a certain career in order to be classified intelligent, thinking that somehow that would make me happy. But then I learnt that actually, I'm not an intellectual being though I am still extremely smart, I am more a creative being I thought back to what I could spend hours doing as a child. And that was creating, making things, from clothes to art. So now that's what I do and I am happier than ever. Even if you don't take a career in your dreams you should always perform them as much as possible because nothing gives you a deeper feeling of happiness than expressing yourself. Also I listen to music that I enjoyed as a child, my grampy would always play me music from the 20's 30's 40's and so on, when I listen to my favorite songs from back then I feel so peaceful and happy. Have a wonderful day everybody!

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