Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Hey guys. 
So a lot of products I recommend to family/friends and others are often looked at as very expensive. Personally I don't mind paying a lot for a product if its free from chemicals and contains natural organic ingredients. But I understand that not everybody can afford chemical free and/or organic natural products. But I am determined to find an alternative for those who constantly use chemicals on there skin, so for the next few months I will be buying on a budget and testing some really affordable natural, organic and chemical free beauty products and giving you the verdict. 
Sometimes you get what you pay for but not always. I'm not saying never use chemical based products because it is really hard to do just that unfortunately its to easy for people to buy in nearby stores! But not actually realising what is seeping into their skin and not only destroying it but rather destroying their health. I read a really interesting article in natural health magazine by make up artist Rosie Marie Swift and although I was already aware of the dangers of chemicals she really inspired me to help those who can't always afford the really expensive brands! 
I believe that beauty starts on the inside, so changing your diet will also benefit the skin, hair & nails but sometimes no matter how clean you eat it doesn't always show greatly on the outside. By changing what we put on our skin can help the appearance dramatically. You can go onto Rosie's website to view just how many harmful chemicals are in products used by thousands of us on a daily basis if you want to learn more about chemical based beauty its worth checking out beautytruth.com On my wish list next month are a couple of items from Rosie's make up collection RMS rmsbeauty.com

Total number of products|7 Total cost|£67

Avalon organics lavender hydrating toner
Jason apricot scrub
Lavera calendula balancing mask
Lavera family sun spray SPF 15
Skin blossom gentle cleansing milk
Tanorganic bronzer
Tisserand rose blend deodorant

All items purchased at|www.biggreensmile.com
Order's over £50 qualify for free shipping and are allowed to choose 2 free samples, I chose, Melvita rose extraordinary water and Madara time miracle anti ageing night cream.

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