Monday, 27 April 2015


Afternoon everybody, if like me after you've eaten a heavy meal still somehow manage to have room for something sweet why not try a natural and organic option? Sugar as we know is super bad for us even natural sugars, it should always be eaten in moderation. It most definitely is a drug the more I have the more I want! So I decided to switch to herbal tea's I'll admit I'm not a lover of them but there are a few I can enjoy one of them being Dragonfly tea | Moonlight jasmine green tea. Its a green tea but has been delicately perfumed by jasmine flowers, it has a really soft taste very light not to fragrant or floral tasting but takes that bitter edge off the green tea. I don't add sugar but I add half a teaspoon of The groovy food co | agave nectar. Agave is a super sweet alternative to sugar/honey it doesn't upset the blood sugar levels therefor is a healthier form of sweetness! I switched from refined cakes/biscuits/pastries to fruit, either dehydrated or one of my favourites pomegranate. Pomegranates are so juicy and sweet its like eating cake to be honest... without the calories and sugar come down in a couple of hours. I always eat fruit after I've eaten a meal because it takes longer for the body to digest and break down so it can sit in your gut for hours if you eat it before a meal it can highly effect the way your body breaks down your lunch/dinner!

Pomegranate preparation guide | So I used to prep my pomegranate's the old fashioned way (beating it with a wooden spoon and individually picking it out with a cocktail stick) but who has time for that? not me. My new way of prepping a pomegranate is really simple.

01 Make sure your hands and the fruit is washed!
02 Roll it on a chopping board pressing firmly so you can hear a crunching sound make sure you do this thoroughly around the entire fruit.
03 Gently slice the fruit down the middle but not fully allow the juice to pour into a bowl (some are really juicy others not so much)
04 Cut through the rest of the fruit and scrape the seeds out with your thumb or spoon.
05 Yes some of the white will stay stuck to the seeds so you just have to remove these bits I'm a little lazy and sometimes just eat them as well.

Pomegranate benefits | The pomegranate has anti-ageing powers and also help reduce the break down of collagen. It contains more antioxidants than berries and green tea! Its currently being tested for anti cancer properties especially prostate so let the men in your life enjoy this fruit in abundance. One provides 25% of our RDA of folate. Vitamins | Fibre, b vitamins, vitamin c, vitamin k and potassium.

Green tea benefits | Green tea is known to reverse the signs of UV damage, it contains free radical fighting catechins like EGCG. the antioxidants in green tea are more power than vitamin c & e. It can restore and revive dying skin cells. Vitamins | Folate, b vitamins, magnesium, potassium and naturally occurring folic acid.

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