Thursday, 30 April 2015


At first I loved this product, I do love it... but also hate it. It makes my skin look absolutely perfect absolutely no flaws. However it creates more flaws than I already have which for me destroys my love for this product. I wouldn't recommend it as an everyday foundation. I literally only wear it if I'm going on a night out (which isn't often). I like it because it stays in place all evening and if you're hot and sweaty it doesn't budge! I find it easier to apply with an oil on my face before and I can't apply to much else it makes my skin look dry as it is very mat. After a few hours of wearing it I can almost feel the damage it's doing to my skin it starts to feel very heavy and thick. This is the kind of product you need to use in moderation if you use it to much your skin won't thank you for it, it caused my skin to dry out, and get really spotty. 

Where to buy: £29.50 (click here)

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