Thursday, 23 April 2015


A product I have been loving for the past couple months is organic rose hip oil. My skin is naturally very oily, but during winter it also becomes really dry in areas. I tend to have hotter showers and wear foundation oh and eat crap, all things that age us along with bitter cold winds!
I've been using the oil to hydrate my skin, but also because It helps our skin produce more collagen the thing that helps keep skin tight and firm reducing wrinkles or in my case preventing them!It is not expensive and you only need a little dab here and there.
 Also it is a fabulous hair treatment if you heat a little of the oil and apply it to your hair before washing it will not only ease frizz and give it a lovely shine it will prevent further damage! Though it is an oil it wont leave your skin looking or feeling greasy it soaks in pretty quickly, I've been using this products day and night I apply a little beneath make up to protect my skin from free radical damage and chemical damage. I've notice a dramatic difference in the dry patches on my face and my lips, I always apply tuns to my eye lids and crows feet at night as I'm super paranoid about eye wrinkles.


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