Friday, 24 April 2015


A quick review on 5 products I have recently been using. All chemical based some good some bad. I'm slowly weaning myself off the chemical based products but am yet to find an alternative for every type of make up I like to use.


I normally always use pencil eye liners but found that they'd easily smudge or print on my upper eye lid I decided I'd try out a liquid eyeliner and didn't want to spend a fortune in case I didn't get on well with it. What I like: It lasts all day and does not smudge or print! Easy to apply. Rather than dragging it across the lid I found it applied best when dabbed along at an angle before drawing at the corners. I've had it a while and it hasn't dried out like most pens/liquids.


I normally always use maybelline colossal mascara but wanted to try this one out, I kind of wish I didn't bother. For me it just clumps my lashes too much. I have naturally very long eye lashes so I never apply mascara from the roots I just separate the ends with the brush to 'gel' them into place as such. This just didn't do anything for me. I imagine it would be good for somebody with very few eye lashes and somebody who doesn't have much length. I really don't like the plastic bristles of the applicator it doesn't separate them it just thickens them by adding great amounts of mascara at once.


Ok I am a guilty fan of benefit their products always do what they say! I just hate that they contain chemicals and really need to find alternatives and wean myself off... So I use this product when I haven't had time to get my brows threaded I only apply a little I use it more as a gel but if I'm going out I like to apply it more thickly and define my eyebrows. I would only recommend this to those who already have a lot of brow you can't add to areas where there isn't any hair. 


I am a little obsessed with kiko, every time I visit Italy I end up spending a fortune in there, again hate that its chemical based and must wean oneself off of there products. Velvet mat satin lipstick is possibly one of my favourite lipsticks. I have it in shade 601 nude rose, I normally always use MAC lipsticks but I find them dreadfully drying! Kiko doesn't dry my lips, its mat but not to dry so very easy to apply. It last for a very long time I rarely need to top it up on a day/evening out. If like me you own a lot of mac lipsticks make the switch to KIKO they're more affordable and they don't dry your lips. Also it smells so good you'll want to eat it.


This is a new one for me I've always used GOSH primer, I felt really nervous changing but I actually really love this primer. But again wish it didn't contain chemicals. But for a night out I don't mind using it. What I love: Its texture is so soft after application my skin feels super soft giving me a great canvas to paint on my foundation. It leaves skin looking matte without drying it and helps me cover spots easier as it smooths lumps and bumps. It has a really nice scent to it as well. Where to buy: £24.50 from boots (click here)


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