Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Part of my organic/chemical free budget haul. My thoughts on this product are mixed. The smell at first was kind of odd to me it smelt almost a little like a bathroom air freshener. But the more I use it the more refreshing it is and I actually really enjoy the scent now. It most definitely brings moisture to the skin I've noticed a dramatic difference as a previous product had really dried out my skin. Because it contains a variety of ingredients that bring moisture to the surface of the skin It seams to have made my chin a little spotty, I'm prone to spots on my chin, 99% of the time I have a spot there! So I will continue to use it but not on the areas of the face that are already oily. I recommend this product to somebody who doesn't suffer with break outs and has generally dry or aged skin. One other thing I do like is that a little of this product goes a long way so I am sure its going to last me a long time. It is organic and I feel it is a great price.

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