Tuesday, 5 May 2015


BAHIA MOQUECA| I cook this once a week it's our favorite meal and its full of nutrition.
peppers x 2
fine green beans approx 30
hand full of spinach
small cauliflower
garlic cloves x 2
1 small red onion
chili of choice or powder
plantain x 2
basmati rice (enough for four)
tinned tomatoes x1
coconut milk x 1
2tsp curry powder
1tsp turmeric
1tsp coriander
and a pinch of black pepper and cumin

You can add or take away any veggies these are my chosen ones traditionally in brazil this is how they'd eat a veggie moqueca. I know it seams like an awful lot to do with that many ingredients but its super quick too prepare and cook.

Chop all veggies to edible sizes. Pour tomatoes and coconut milk into a large pan and simmer, add spices and veggies (except plantain) (its best to add the spinach at the end as it cooks fast and becomes really soggy.) Cook for approx half hour with the lid on at a medium boil stir occasionally.

Gently fry the plantain on a low-medium heat in a decent amount of coconut oil after about 30 minutes after you've had the moqueca on. Cook rice to packet instructions. 

And that's it dinner is served, easy! Full of nutrition!

TIP: I cook this for me and Curtis, this makes enough for two nights, but often I triple the recipe and freeze into meal portions so when I don't have time to cook I don't have to eat something unhealthy!


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