Saturday, 2 May 2015


100% PURE | PURITY FACIAL CLEANSER + MASK This is my number one I have never known a face mask to be so amazing and truthful, though it was created for acne prone skin it's gentle enough for those with sensitive skin I don't have acne but sometimes I break out, big or small this as a mask clears my skin perfectly I would recommend this to everybody. I sometimes use it as a wash with my facial brush but I try to savour it for those times I am in need of a clear up! After just two times of using it my skin is astonishingly clearer. Its easy to apply and the texture is smooth it dry quite quickly so dont apply to much at once or else you'll waste it. It almost feels like your face is tightening and cooling as it dry's but once you gentle wash away the mask your skin will feel refreshed and clean. Its completely non drying like most acne treatments which is why i love it so much i have very oily skin but its so sensitive it prone to getting dry. The scent is really refreshing kind of minty. This product is gluten free and vegan.

100% PURE | HONEY & VIRGIN COCONUT SHAMPOO This brand is one of my favourite brands, Ive been using their products for a couple of years now and haven't changed my shampoo and conditioners until recently (just because I wanted a change) They use completely naturally sourced ingredients and a lot are organic. I love this shampoo and the conditioner it has a beautiful smell and its highly moisturising which is great for my frizzy/curly hair. For a natural shampoo it lathers really well and a little goes along way. There shampoo's and conditioners are gluten free and vegan. I get about 6 months worth of washes out of one bottle, I only wash my hair a couple of times a week and it isn't that long. I generally use the conditioner up a lot quicker so always buy 2 bottles!

100% PURE | BURDOCK AND NEEM HEALTHY SCALP CONDITIONER I started using the burdock and neem conditioner to help with my dry scalp and it reduce the dryness dramatically and my hair is stronger now. They say a healthy scalp means healthy hair and that is very true! This tends to last me approx 3 months but I use far to much conditioner on the ends of my hair I really should cut down as using more doesn't work any better than using a little. The scent is really up lifting and lasts for days. At the moment I am using the shampoo which I am loving. And seems to be keeping my dry scalp calmer.

LIZ EARLE | SKIN TONIC I'm not over excited about this product I just bought it because it came in a set with the cleanse and polish I use from liz earle. It does leave my skin with a nice glow and has a really fresh beautiful scent but I wouldn't say it helps tighten my pores I have huge pores so I think I need to hunt around a little to find a toner that suits me. But its very moisturising and gentle. My boyfriends mother uses it and loves it but naturally she has smaller pores and better skin than I. Also my boyfriend gets on really well with it.
50ML £6 200ML £14.50|PURCHASE HERE


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