Sunday, 10 May 2015


Something I have really been loving is essential oils. A list below of the benefits of each oil that I have been using. Please note that essential oils can be very harsh and you must research each oil before using it to be sure it's suitable for you to use, some aren't safe during pregnancy and some people are very sensitive to certain oils. Never use them neat you must always dilute them with a base oil. I like to use them diluted in my bath. Recently I have started mixing them with base/carrier oils to help heel skin problems as well as massage! 

GERANIUM ROSE| Relaxation therapy and helps with menstrual pains, I always add this too my baths it helps me relax deeply. It has such a lovely scent.
BERGAMOT| Antidepressant, digestive issues, helps prevent oily skin and heals wounds/spots.
TEA TREE| Anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antiseptic. I like using it on spots.
TANGERINE| Balance moisture levels in the skin, full of antioxidants, uplifting and great for massage, Curtis and I massage it into each others heads if were suffering with a headache.
LEMON| Helps with acne, also I like to vapourise this oil as its really uplifting and the scent makes me feel awake.

I  now buy all my oils from they sell organic and non organic oils at an affordable price!

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