Friday, 1 May 2015


I am a huge fan of chocolate like most humans are. But I'm sick of milk chocolate giving me congestion and headaches, also unnatural chocolate is just processed with so much crap and E numbers I don't want to destroy my health for the sake of a delicious thing. I am lucky I don't have an addictive personality I am very good at self discipline and can easily go months without chocolate snacks. But why should I? So I decided to create a raw organic natural desert that is not only delicious, its actually good for me!

1 small avocado
1 large banana
150ml almond milk (I like making my own)
3 teaspoons of raw organic cacao powder
1 teaspoon organic maca powder
2 tablespoons raw organic agave nectar

All you do is blend all these ingredients until completely smooth. Pop the ingredients into small dishes/bowls refrigerate and serve chilled.

01.Try adding hazelnut milk for a nutty taste.
02.Top with raw grated chocolate, nuts and seeds!


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