Tuesday, 23 June 2015


AA SKINCARE SEAWEED&ALOE EYE GEL| I was starting to give up on eye make up removers, nothing did the trick without applying an abundance of product! That is until AA skincare got in touch with me and kindly sent me one of their refreshing eye gels that removes makeup! For just under two weeks I've put it to the test. Not that I needed that long to decide if I liked it or not. First impression, absolutely love that it's natural and contains active ingredients such as aloe, seaweed, cucumber, witch hazel and many more! 

Secondly it's only going to cost me £6.96 to repurchase one of these. It comes in gorgeous chic packaging. It has a pump so really easy to use, the pump has a lock which is a fabulous feature I've carried this with me on hot sweaty  high pollen days and there has been no leaks hooray! 
As a makeup remover it's the best natural based product that actually removes your makeup without using an entire bottle (slight exaggeration) a little really goes a long way with this, the brand directs you to gently rub onto eye area and wipe off with a cotton pad, I chose to wipe off with a cotton muslin cloth as I like to save the use off cotton pads. One thing I really love is when wiping it over my eye it doesn't cause that horrible blurriness you get from cream/oil based removers. I also used it to remove my foundation, which it did with absolutely no problem! This product has a lovely texture it is a gel, but it's not sticky so feels really luxurious and smooth on the skin. The scent is very refreshing.
I also like using this product on high pollen days, I am suffering with mild hay fever and when applying this to my puffy irritated eyes it instantly cools and refreshes them helping me look a little more human again.

This product is suitable for all skin types. It gently removes makeup with ease, calms and soothes the eye area and skin. The Seaweed&Aloe refreshing eye gel is an affordable must have this summer! PURCHASE LINK|£6.96|50ml

*I was sent this product to try and review all opinions are my own.


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