Tuesday, 2 June 2015


I know a lot of people that love Estee Lauder double wear foundation but equally hate it because it congests their pores causing unpleasant breakouts and fine lines/wrinkles. Why? Because it is jam packed with chemicals. I've been on the hunt for a natural alternative! Normally I am very lucky I need not purchase a full coverage foundation, however whilst being pregnant my hormones have caused major breakouts :( not to worry because I've found a foundation that makes my skin look flawless, without causing any damage to my already damaged complexion. I recently featured this foundation in my first ever favourites which you can read here. This for me is like double wear, it lasts the entire day (even sweaty days/eve's) the amount of compliments I've had whilst wearing this foundation is awesome!
I purchased the lightest shade as I am always afraid my foundations will be too dark, however I have caught the sun and needed a darker shade, I now blend the darkest and the lightest shade to achieve my exact skin tone and this seams to work perfectly. Also it means I have one for winter pale and one for summer bronze as I tan very well! Above are swatches of shades Light beige 02 & Sunny beige 04. Below is an image of both colors blended for my skin tone.
below are some before and after image's so you can get an idea of just how great the coverage is. Sorry for my tired eye's baby had me up all night, partying in the womb is regular thing!

This is my worse side and I am really happy with the close up coverage!
Will you make the switch to a chemical free foundation? What do you think of the results of this one? I'd love to hear your feedback.


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