Monday, 15 June 2015


3 IN 1 CLEANSING WATER| This is a really great product for when I am being lazy. The 3 in 1 cleansing water is really gentle and perfect for sensitive reactive skin types. it can be used to remove make up or every day dirt. It works really well. I wouldn't recommend using it as a daily cleanser as you need a fair amount of the product to ensure your skin is clean but on those late night's when you can't be bothered to do your nightly regime or maybe you're a little drunk? This is the perfect thing to clean/remove make up! Much more effective than wipes and better for our environment. I like to use eco/organic face pads with this product.

EXPRESS MAKE UP REMOVER| Again perfect for lazy evenings! A great product that works well so long as you use a fair amount. I prefer products that you only need a little of as they last me longer these haven't lasted that long as you need to use a lot for eye make up. Waterproof or not. though since I have been using a chemical free mascara this product removes it a lot easier than chemical based mascaras. Will I be purchasing them both again? Maybe, if I don't discover something more effective. Though I do really like the cleansing water so that's definitely going to be re-purchased. PURCHASE LINK|150ml|£14 Why not check out some products I have had fab results from by REN...


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