Sunday, 19 July 2015


Still suffering with hormonal breakouts I decided once I'd finished up my REN link I'd go for something organic, and what better organic skincare brand is there than thee Green People? I received a very useful book with some goodies green people sent me. It helped me identify my skin type, even though I know I have oily/spot prone skin it's not like that all over, my cheeks and forehead can get very dry. My skin is acting like it did when I was a teen thanks to pregnancy and all its glorious hormones I decided to go for the organic young products aimed at teenagers. 

Very happy I purchased these 3 products as they are keeping breakouts at bay without drying out my skin. I love that they contain organic active ingredients.

'As easy as one, two, three!'

CLEANSER MAKEUP REMOVER & MOISTURISER| This gorgeous smelling product is a 3 in 1 which is pretty awesome. I use this morning and evening as a hot cloth cleanser. It works well as a makeup remover which is perfect, if I am wearing makeup I use it twice once to remove and once to cleanse! I haven't used it as a moisturiser but it leaves my skin very soft and hydrated. It contains green tea, prebiotics and willow bark and it's 90% organic.

FOAMING CLEAR SKIN FACE WASH| I am really enjoying using this face wash along side the cleanser. I use it either before or after depends on if I have makeup on or not. It foamy but not to foamy, it's non drying and smells fab. It leaves my skin feeling very fresh and clean. It contains tea tree, green tea and willow bark and it's 93% organic.

CLEAR SKIN GEL| If I get a zit this destroys it, (oh that rhymed) a couple days of dabbing and bang it's gone! I really enjoy the texture of this it's doesn't leave the spot area feeling sticky it drys pretty fast and smells really nice. I find I can easily where this beneath makeup. It contains tea tree, willow bark and lemon grass and it's 88% organic.

In the morning I finish off this routine with the day cream you can read more about that here.

You can purchase all three of these in a pack, smaller size's to the full size editions but it's a great way to test it out and see if it suits you. PURCHASE LINK|COMPLEXION KIT|£20.95

Will you be trying these fabulous organic spot zappers?


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