Wednesday, 1 July 2015


A few favourite skin care must haves that I have been loving lately, if you purchase anything this month make sure it is one of these. All products are free from harsh chemicals, natural based and contain organic and active ingredients. One thing you'll love is that they are all super affordable!

AA Skincare | seaweed & aloe refreshing eye gel
I have been loving this product a lot ever I am so glad AA got in touch and sent me this little godsend. What I like is that it's not just a soothing eye gel, it's a makeup remover, I have also managed to use it for other things, such as puffy itchy eyes caused my hay fever, an insect bite that Curtis had and a shaving rash that I had. Because it contains active ingredients it's very effective. It's become a handbag staple! Full review here.

Jason | facial wash & scrub
Now not everyone likes using a facial exfoliate everyday, me being one of them, but this I could because its not a harsh scrub. This is my ultimate savour, especially the last couple of days my face has been over oily in this heat, also applying an abundance of suncream to my face blocks my pores a little so at the end of the night a little scrub  with Jason is all my skin needs. I feel it's definitely contributed to keeping my breakouts at bay and there is absolutely no drying effect which I love. Check out the full review here.

Green people | day cream SPF 15
I normally always chuck spf on my face that belongs on the body, bad decision obviously i always get spots and blocked pores. I decided to purchase a day cream with skin benefits as well as spf protection. I am so happy with the results of this product I am highly unlikely to try anything else. It doesn't irritate my skin, I can wear it beneath makeup or alone and most of all it protects my skin from the sun. No greasiness caused either which is an added bonus! See the full review here.

Will you be purchasing any of these fabulous skin care products?

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