Monday, 10 August 2015


For the past 3 years I have been using natural deodorants, I made the switch because I read an article about how chemical based deodorants can contribute to breast cancer risks. The chemicals we spray or roll onto our underarms seeps into the skin and down into breast tissue. It has taken me a long time to find natural deodorants I am happy with. 

I was really happy when AA Skincare asked if I'd like to try out their natural deodorant in one of my favourite scents, lavender! As I have explained in a previous post on natural deodorants they don't actually stop us from sweating, and that's ok because its a natural bodily function to sweat so stopping our bodies doing that is really unnatural. Sweat is something we shouldn't be embarrassed about. But nobody wants to smell right? That's what I love about this deodorant when I do sweat it purely smells of lemongrass and lavender. I like the packaging it comes in a glass bottle which can be recycled. Rolls on really easily. The product is very runny so you need to let it dry before putting clothes on. Another thing I like is that if you've shaved your underarms you don't have to worry about that irritating sting you get with chemical based products. No sting and no rash! It contains ingredients that fight against bacteria that cause nasty smells. The ingredients let your skin breath whilst keeping you fresh all day long! It's an affordable must have that goes a long way. AA have two other scents including grapefruit & cederwood (which I totally must purchase) and bergamot &aloe (another fav scent of mine).

Check out the AA Skincare eye gel it's a multi-purpose must have LINK.

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