Wednesday, 26 August 2015


I was talking with some girlfriends when it came to my attention that body shaming is a very common thing. Both women and men seam to think it's ok to dish out harsh opinions on physical appearance. I'm not saying I have never judged someone on appearance because I have we all have. In high school we all grow up thinking in order to be attractive we need to look a certain way. I was once told 'when you look like a model (with fake assets) then I will date you!' lol, years later he was begging for me and I had the great pleasure of turning him down.

It hurt me though, not just that of course I was bullied endlessly for the way I appeared in others eyes, 'midget' 'choo choo' 'pzza face' 'catapillar brows' and a favourite 'paki'... I am a measly 4ft 11' but why does that make me less attractive? yes I had braces, and was covered in spots with overgrown brows! And I have olive skin which automatically means I'm from Pakistan which is apparently an unattractive culture? Why though? I guess this was all nonsense bullying... as a teen it was 'flat chest, flat ass!' Until of course I had a growth spurt. 

But my problem today is that most humans don't grow out of this immature bullying and they take it into there adulthood. Girls become super bitchy, men have become just as bad. Basically you aren't attractive if you have a thigh gap, really tall, really short, big hips, massive boobs, small boobs, stretch marks, cellulite and well the list goes on... 

It's beyond me that somebody can openly speak badly about physical appearance, like as if they are perfect, and they have absolutely no flaws. I mean honestly does anybody look in the mirror and love every single inch of there face/body. NO! We all throw around judgement like we are perfect. It would be silly for me to body slam somebody for the way they look when there are certain things I dislike about my face and body. And to shame people openly to there face or via social media is a joke. I find it hilarious when I see quotations such as 'only a dog wants a bone' people only post these things to make themselves feel better, because deeply they long to be 'boney' on the other hand a 'boney' girls might insult a curvaceous girl because she longs to be curvy and vice versa. My point is humanity needs to come to terms with the fact that everybody has flaws, every body fancies something different or a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and heights!

It's no wonder the number of plastic surgery has gone up in such a short amount of time. And I find it really upsetting that people will go to such lengths to learn to love themselves. For me beauty is within. I've met some stereotypical gorgeous looking people in life some really wonderful and others vile, then I've met those who aren't stereotypically gorgeous but have a beautiful way about them which makes them all the more attractive!

When you learn to love yourself, I believe you will learn not to judge.

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