Sunday, 16 August 2015


Not long before I birthed little Roman, or should I say big... Green People were kind enough to send me an adorable mum to be hamper containing some awesome products for mums and babies! Check it out here. As I am breast feeding and have been using this product an awful lot I thought I'd take some time whilst Roman is sleeping and write up a review. Please excuse any nonsense or mistakes it's only been a few weeks I am still in zombie mode. 

Firstly I didn't realise how difficult breast feeding would be, second of all how painful, it may not be for everybody but Roman struggled to latch well at first causing damage to my nipples, partly my fault my arm muscles were still aching from labour (yes somehow I used every muscle in my body to push him out!) they ached so bad I couldn't hold him close or properly... eventually we got the hang of it, though my nipples were very sore and one bleeding! Thanks to this magical balm it healed within a day, I left him off that breast and continuously applied the balm and hooray he was back on it the next day and I felt no pain. A little of this product goes a long way.

It's safe to use before, during and after breast feeding so no need to keep wiping it off which can make nipples sore or chapped. I love that it contains calendula as I know this is magic for healing wounds. The balm can also be used on the perineum as well as soothing dry skin! Roman had dry skin and this really helped clear it up. I have also started using it on my nose, I have a terrible cold non stop blowing my nose has made it sore and dry thanks to this its reducing redness, soreness and of course dryness! 


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