Sunday, 30 August 2015


Three organics is a reasonably new brand, they are a family run business and the story behind there success is that they longed for products that weren't toxic after trying and testing it for themselves the word soon spread and they were soon making beauty products for friends and family - then three organics was born... They use 100% natural and organic ingredients in all of their products. Three organics contacted me to tell me all about their wonderful brand and offered to send me out some products to test. Below are my thoughts.

Salvation hair oil | 100ml | £15.99* For itchy problem scalps and dandruff. Well this is just what I needed, for years I have suffered with and irritated scalp it flares up and sometimes it's ok but I'm always open to a product that can offer help with this horrible problem. You are supposed to add this to clean damp hair and sparingly a little goes a long way, however I do find that this makes my hair look slightly greasy (my hair is very oily) I found I like to use this as an overnight treatment. I apply it on a day I am not going out on clean damp hair leave all day and night and all day again if I'm not off out I then rinse it out later that day. For a few day's after my scalp is very calm less dry skin and it does seam like it is healing whatever scalp problem I have going on! It has a lovely feel it's very cooling which is nice because an itchy scalp can feel sore and tender. It smells absolutely gorgeous. Three organics have two other hair oils, restoring hair oil and nourishing hair oil so there is something for every hair type.

Control me facial oil | 30ml | £17.99* I was very terrified of using oil on my oily skin, it didn't seam like the right thing to do, I was so sure it would make my breakouts worse. I bravely tried it to see if this could actually help 'control' my skin. The results I have had are amazing who knew oil on oil could work so well? The hemp & tea tree help prevent breakouts. Whilst all the other oils hydrate my dryer areas, my skin has this glow after i use it and it has improved so much since using. My spots healed within a couple of days. I use it day and night before moisturising and it's something I will definitely be repurchasing when I run out. I like that you only need a few drops 3-4 does my entire face so this will last a long time.

 Overall I am loving this brand and cannot wait to try more products it's natural, organic, effective and I wish the brand an abundance of success!


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