Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Having desert isn't a bad thing, especially when it's healthy, enjoy these delicious recipe's I created - they are super easy, cheap and obviously they taste like heaven else they wouldn't be desert. I hope you enjoy :)
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RAW chocolate is packed full of anti ageing properties as well as being great for spot prone skin, treat your digestive system and it'll treat you!

Breakfast or desert these are absolutely delicious, obviously full of goodness and taste like they should be really bad for you!

I eat this many times a week it takes seconds to prepare, full of goodness, perfect for those with a sweet tooth like me!

Don't feel guilty about eating chocolate, if it's RAW it's actually good for you, does wonders for spot prone skin, and these little treats are full of protein - and plenty more benefits, go on enjoy!

One of these easiest little treats you'll ever make!

Which one will you be enjoying?


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