Sunday, 13 September 2015


I was kindly invited to LNLO (love natural love organic) festival this summer and was offered to spend some time with a brand I have been a fan of for a few years Spamagik so I could learn more about their new organiks  range. Unfortunately I couldn't attend as I was due to pop any day and didn't fancy birthing babe spontaneously at a festival. I was kindly sent the products to my home to try and test out instead.

The products are 100% free from, sls, mi, parabens, phylates, synthetic colours, gmo's, gluten and dairy and are suitable for vegetarians.

I am so happy I have been sent these products to review because it's something I have totally needed post-pregnancy, to be honest could have done with them whilst pregnant. This is the perfect range for anyone who is in need of some spa like treatment. Help relieve muscle tension, add moisture to your skin and lull yourself peacefully to sleep with these lavender infused beauty products. 

Deep sleep lavender bath salts | 550g | £12.50 I am a huge fan of bath salts, though I normally opt for epsom with dashes of essentials oils... deep sleep lavender bath salts are simple, just add a few handfuls of salt to your bath, jump in and relax. Lavender is one of my favourite scents probably because it deeply relaxes me which makes me feel good. I thoroughly enjoy the way I feel after a bath with this product and always have a good sleep, that is of course if little one doesn't wake me too often, he's a hungry boy!

Tripple oil shea body butter | 250ml | 14.50 I am not one for body butters, they all seam to be extremely hard to apply unless melted which is effort after a bath or shower you want something quick and easy especially if you've just had a relaxing lavender infused bath! That's why I like this its creamy and smooth applies like silk to the skin and leaves the skin feeling like silk. It contains avocado, coconut and sweet almond oils - so it's no wonder the skin feels so luxurious after use.

Six oil super serum | 50ml | £17.95 This is a multi use super serum. I have only been using this on pulse points but it can be used anywhere on the face, body and hair. Contains 6 moisturising oils to hydrate the skin. It's recommended for all sin types. When I am sleep deprived I can get a little tense, that on top of after birth body aches and pains along with raging hormones is a recipe for somebody getting their head bitten off, (usually my partner poor love) this product once applied to my pulse points along with a few deep breaths, I feel much more relaxed.

So will you be indulging in these home spa treatments?
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