Tuesday, 8 September 2015


I've not done a favourites in a while, one reason why these are included in my favourites is because they are all reasonably priced... Giovanni is a new discovery of mine and I have fallen hard for their shampoo & conditioner and I am excited to see what their other hair products have in store! Jason products never fail to please me, and lavera is having a huge effect on my bank cards lately!

Kingfisher | fluoride free toothpaste mint | 100ml | £3.15* I made the switch to fluoride free quite some time ago, since my boyfriend taught me how bad fluoride actually is for our teeth. I must say tooth sensitivity has become a lot less since switching, plus I always get a well done on my cleaning skills from my dentist! Making the switch won't set you back much more than buying the most common leading brands. Normally we use the aloe vera toothpaste but I wasn't finding it refreshing enough in taste so we decided to opt for the mint one. I much prefer as it leaves my mouth feeling super fresh.
 Jason | power smile mouthwash | 480ml | £5.99* Never really been one for mouth wash due to alcohol contents and hearing horror stories of how they can cause mouth cancer, but Curtis likes to use mouthwash so we decided to buy a free from nasties one we used to use the aloedent one but found it slightly pricey for the amount of product, this one however is a lot more affordable and it's concentrated so you can dilute it 2:1 water - so technically you get twice as much. If you feel you need to dilute it I would use bottled water as tap water isn't that great for our teeth (it contains fluoride + other crap!)

Giovanni | triple tea tree shampoo & conditioner | 250ml | £7.99* Discovered this brand via a naturisimo discovery box, check that out here*. Thank goodness they included this, I normally buy 100% pure shampoo & conditioner which cost's £18 don't get me wrong I absolutely love the brand and their products but with a new born baby and saving for a home we need to make a few minor cut backs on essentials. We can still use nasty free products at an affordable price. I love the tea tree shampoo and conditioner as I suffer with an irritated scalp not always but more often than not, this is very soothing, smells gorgeous and works a treat!

Lavera | rose deodorant | 50ml | £7.95* I have become a huge fan of all thing's lavera, from makeup to hygiene they always seam to get it right. this is a great alternative to chemical spray deodorant. It's long lasting scent keeps me feeling fresh all day long.

What brand's do you like to use for all your hygiene needs?

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