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Last Sunday I attended my first ever blogging event and it was marvelous. Focusing on green beauty brands. I met some wonderful bloggers, and people who were just generally interested in green beauty. I also got to know some brands I am familiar with but also brands I hadn't heard of. I was very nervous upon arrival as I didn't know what to expect, but all that anxiety went away as soon as I walked through the doors. I was made to feel so welcome, I made friends instantly. The only other thing than excitement that was on my mind was my little baby boy who was downstairs in the lobby with his father, he seamed so far away. It was a huge deal as it was the first day in his 10 weeks of life that we'd been apart!

I totally thought he'd be distraught without his mum but turns out as long as he has my milk he couldn't care less! Though he did give me lots of smiles & giggles every time we were reunited.

I wanted to just talk a little about the brands that attended the event, and show you all the gorgeously green treats I got in my goody bag. And my experience with some of the products I had a little play with.

Firstly Id like to start with the brand myroo and the wonderful Racheal who is the beauty and brains behind it. Her story was extremely inspiring to me. She started the brand when she had her second child, like most of us she wasn't happy returning to her former career she wanted something more and that's when she decided to build her brand, it wasn't easy of course, she had many set backs, as well as two children but still somehow she made it and has done so well she is very passionate about her skincare products and that's what I love! She's inspired me to not give up on my dreams anything is possible with hard work, passion and determination! Myroo has a rang of products including bath fizz's, body butter's, scrubs, lip balm, face serums, hand cream, hot cloth facial cleanser (which I have heard fab things about) and there are even some baby products too! The brand uses only the finest natural products and all packaging is recycled and/or recyclable. I am really excited to try many of the products especially the baby ones as I don't often come across natural baby products! A little exclusive for you all, no dates as of yet but Myroo will be launching a 100% free from collection this means free from everything anyone is allergic to. I think this is absolutely darling and will benefit the brand in many ways. It shows true passion and care for the customers!
Moving on to a brand I have heard of but not actually tried. Bodhi&birch founder and managing directer Elijah was also a great inspiration, starting his business from home and childhood inspirations learning all about the power of nature with his uncle in Malaysia, hunting through the amazon, forests and jungles and not to forget the little scientist inside him who destroyed his mother's beauty products by mixing them all together to create something new... non of which made it into the bohdi&birch range! Thank goodness... I am super excited about this brand I love that it's focused on scent I am always interested in the scent of a product like Elijah, in fact I smell everything before trying even food! There are many products to choose from for all skin types and noses! I really love the packaging of the brand, I am excited to try out the goodies I received in my little bag of treats! Watch out for reviews. Bohdi&birch use ethically sourced ingredients from sustainable origins.

The rose tree another I have heard of but yet to try, Olga the brand owner started her business with the intention of bringing quality natural products with gorgeous packaging. Like most of us she was naive to high priced brands that claimed to do wonders for our skin but actually lacked the powerful natural ingredients to do that. The brand offers something for every skin type. It's free from harmful toxins and uses an abundance of organic ingredients. The brand also has a range of natural candles, which I love, the packaging is simply chic, the scents are so beautiful my favourite is no.7 is contains geranium essential oils which reminds me of the many relaxing baths I had whilst pregnant with my little darling!

Now to a brand everyone knows. Weleda this brand has been around for over 100 years so if you haven't heard of it I'd be shocked. I was already familiar with this brand and have bought a few of their products. My favourite being their deodorants. What I learnt about this brand is that they will actually work with their customers to find the perfect products for them. So if you have any allergies or sensitivity's they will find something that works for you. A more affordable brand to try for these of you who want to experiment with green beauty. They also have holistic medicine to offer which I am currently in the process of learning more about so expect a post on that in the future! There are a huge range of natural products to choose from this brand. It's a very spiritual brand and that's something that I really enjoyed about the talk it was different and intriguing.

Finally my favorite part of the day, Botanical brands which included products from Living nature and Lippy girl both owners of each brand couldn't be at the event but really wanted to so they sent over a video message for us all to listen to which I thought was really lovely. Botanical brands offers public and trade organic & natural beauty products. We got to try out the lipsticks by lippy girl which I totally wish I swatched every single shade for you to see but my two favorites were Abraca-Bam and Schmoopy. I have seen adverts for the brand and also meant to try their lipsticks but never did but now after receiving a lipstick in my goody bag I am hooked they are super hydrating and you can build up the colour if you wish at £12.50 I think that they are reasonably priced. The lipsticks are made with natural mineral pigmentation, they are organic, natural, vegetarian and vegan! After seeing Ailish the amazing MUA & blogger demonstrate the living nature foundation on Amber one of my fav green bloggers & host of #greenchat I couldn't wait to get my hands on it and try it for myself. It's one of my most asked questions people are afraid to try organic and natural foundation because they believe coverage won't be as good as toxified brands. But honestly it is amazing, I have rather a lot of blemishes and it's difficult to find a foundation to cover them that also looks natural. I am really excited to do a hole separate post on the Living nature foundation. I also fell in love with their lip liners and lipstick (which I will also be posting about very soon!) If you want natural, organic makeup I highly recommend both brands.

Below is a few pictures of what I recieved in my goody bag, I gave a couple of items from weleda away to other bloggers as they contained wheat and I can't use them as I am allergic! I can't wait to try them all and write up some reviews on each of the products. I loved the tasty treats too although I wasn't to sure about the consider it salted chocolate bar I am not a fan of salt... but I will be checking out their other chocolate bars as they are dairy free!

So will you be trying out any of these brands?


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