Wednesday, 23 September 2015


A blend of lavender, vetivert and chamomile to lull your baby to sleep, or yourself... perfect from birth although I only introduced this at approx 6 weeks with Roman, he had really bad colic and nothing I did would soothe him so I thought a little bit of calming lavender might help. Has it? Yes, I guess, so many things have made his colic and sleepless nights better it's hard to pin point exactly what. I think it's a contribution of everything. We have a set bedtime routine for him,
  • feed
  • walk
  • diaper change
  • jammies on
  • lullabys
  • feed
  • sleep
it took a while but we got there, I'm open to the fact this routine could fall through at any given moment babies are super unpredictable but a routine has definitely made things easier. 

I love the smell of this pillow spray lavender is one of my favourite scents. The packaging is gorgeously simple. It's free from harmful chemicals and has been safety approved. I tried out the spray for myself I find it very difficult to sleep during the day even if i am tired, this definitely helped me wined down and catch up with some long lost sleep. 2-3 sprays is generally enough. I'm thinking I might purchase the all over wash for when Roman has evening baths.
PURCHASE LINK | 75ml | £16 + free delivery

What tips and tricks do you use to get your baby to sleep?

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