Tuesday, 6 October 2015


I am not a huge make up wearer, some days I like too other days I simply cannot be bothered. But I more often than not have a lip product on, from balms, to tints to lipsticks! I have built up a lovely little collection of natural & organic lip colours. In the images below you can see each colour as it is on the lip and a description about the product.

01. Korres | lip liner pencil purple/red
I wear mostly reds, nudes & purple lipsticks as you can see... so I decided to purchase this colour by korres, it blends well beneath all three colours and also works well on it's own with a little gloss over the top.

02. 100% pure | fruit pigment lip butter pomegranete
Love this gorgeouslly scented lip butter with a tint of red/pink for days when I am not wearing any makeup or natural tones this just add's a nice flush to my lips with a slight shine. It contains only natural ingredients and always makes my lips super soft.

03. ILIA | humble me
The first natural ingredient lipstick I purchased. A nude shade, works really well blended with the purple/red lip liner by korres. I love how matte this lipstick is but it's not good for when I am having dry lip days, I then need to add a little balm to help moisten my lips. I love the packaging of ILIA lipsticks they are super chic and sturdy.

04. Living nature | precious
Another gorgeous nude with hint of pink, this is pretty much my natural lip colour but better. I love the shape of this product it's slightly different to your average lipstick. It applies so smooth and easy without a brush, it isn't matte but it isn't too shiny either. Also love the packaging of Living nature lipsticks, sturdy, chic and matte!

05. Lippy girl | Schmoopy
A gorgeous nude with a hint of purple. Love this colour and it's really conditioning when applied to the lips, it's not matte but not to shiny really pigmented. Lippy girl lipsticks are  organic, vegan and cruelty free.

06. Lippy girl | Abraca-BAM
This super bright deep purple is such a gorgeous colour. I wouldn't be brave enough to wear it during the day but in the evening it's a must! You need to apply this a few times to get good pigmentation. This also works really well with the purple/red lipliner by korres.
07. Lavera | Wild cherry
I love a red lipstick and I like it to be matte, this is such a gorgeous atumnal red s bright but deep. I love Lavera lipsticks they contain organic ingredients. Apply smoothly. Long lasting. Affordable. The packaging is simple and I like that you can see the shade through the little window in the top of the lipstick case.
08. Lavera | Matt n' red
A more bright red, this was the first red I purchased and this is when I fell in love with Lavera lipsticks. Even though in it's name it contains the word 'matt' it's not actually matte it has a nice gloss to it. Its very long lasting. Works well day or night.

What's your favourite colour lipstick? 


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