Wednesday, 14 October 2015

a homapathic approach to teething: ft. weleda & green people |☺

My little baby is just 15 weeks old. I don't know why I call him 'little' he is huge, weighing approximately 17.8 lbs! Probably more now... The poor little feller is teething. Yes! Teething, already? I know crazy... he is 14 weeks going on six moths! He already try's to sit up, walk and talk. 

He has days where he has miserable moments, rather than bombarding him with paracetamol, bongela and other stuff that contains sugar and E numbers. As always I decided to try a more natural approach to his teething. As usual nature didn't fail.

Two products I have been using, by two of my favourite brands green people and weleda both affordable and 100% natural.

Green people were kind enough to send me their aloe and mandarin toothpaste, suitable for babies its free from fluoride so safe if swallowed and contains organic ingredients.

Roman absolutely loved this his first taste of something other than mummy's milk!

I pop a teeny dab of paste onto mams mr bunny, and massage his gums. I then use the mam massaging toothbrush to massage his gums some more, I think this is a great way to get him used to a toothbrush! I do this every night (if I remember)

The weleda chamomilla granules are used when he is real grizzly, it helps calm him down. He has these given on the teeny spoon weleda provide. For babies you can also dilute the granules into water but Roman takes them fine without dilation. (sometimes he wriggles and they spill everywhere so be aware!) He goes mad for the taste again its something different from mummy's milk! Weleda offer a wide range of homeopathic medicine after seeing such great results from this really affordable product I will definitely be looking into more of their medicines. I must thank theglowgetter for recommending these to me!

The Dr Broners teething watermelon is super cute and also fab! I have to hold it for Roman to munch on as he still doesn't understand how to grip things properly yet but soon he will get the hang of it. The product is BPA free, orthodontist approved, affordable, unique and can be used in the fridge and freezer!

Finally, I have started to make 'mummys milky popsicals' YUM! I freeze little cubes of my breast milk into popsicle and let Roman suckle on them, its soothing for him and also a healthy little treat!

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