Tuesday, 20 October 2015

bio-d cleaning products✖sustainable | affordable | effective

I decided to make the switch to natural eco friendly cleaning products. Why not? pretty much everything else we use is naturally sourced or/and eco friendly. Not only that the smell of harmful chemical's that waft out of commercial cleaning products is horrific I can practically feel it burning my insides! There are many cleaning product brands but one that's always caught my eye is bio-d they use naturally derived ingredients that not only safe for us to use as human beings with delicate bodies, they are safe for our beautiful planet.

When we moved into our new home I went to our local deli where they sell lots of organic produce and eco friendly products and stocked up on the bio-d cleaning range, toilet cleaner, bathroom cleaner, washing up soap and a multi purpose cleaner. I am pleased to say they are absolute incredible cleaning products and will be happily re-purchasing them. The best thing is that I can go to my local deli where I can refill my cleaning products meaning saving plastic, meaning helping planet earth meaning saving a little dolla in the process of being a green queen!

I recently purchased the bio-d hand wash too. Its great. But I think next time I will buy a scented one or maybe a different brand just because I miss sniffing my hands after washing them.

Each product is concentrated so a little goes a long way, they even tell you to 'use sparingly' on the packaging. It's true the washing up liquid is still half full and I have had it almost a month with washing baby bottles dummies etc, cooking twice a day and the abundance of baking we go through there is a whole lot of washing up going on in the gazzard household. I also like the fact the products are gentle meaning kind to the skin although most of the time I wear washing up gloves anyway.

See if they sell them in a local store near you, otherwise purchase them here.

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