Friday, 23 October 2015

blog birthday: ❻ months today | GIVEAWAY☆featuring: greenpeople & threeorganics

Hi lovely readers, today marks the day my blog is six months old. I am very happy to still be blogging. I have a fab following through my blog's twitter account and blog lovin' I honestly can't believe it's six months already. A lot has happened in that six months... my baby boy entering our world being the most exciting! I am so proud to be working with some great organic & natural brands. I am learning more and more each day about green living & green beauty.

I thought I would use today to reminisce on some previous post's I have written in the last six months, I have chosen one from each month. Bold symbols link's :)

April: Madara tinting fluid This is still a go to product for me. If I don't want to wear foundation but want a light coverage with a hydrating look and feel this is what I use.
May: Tanorganic bronzer The best bronzer I have used to date, doubles as a highlighter.
June: Dealing with anxiety The amount of emails and messages I received thanking me for both these posts made me so happy. It's something not many people are willing to talk about so I am happy I was able to help those suffering.
July: Little break life happened I didn't post much in the month of July, Roman was born and this post made me laugh a little short & sweet I was absolutely zombified.
August: Green people rescue balm This product saved my nipples I highly recommend this to all breast feeding mama's it is very effective, and has a million and one uses!
Three organics oils I couldn't choose one, sorry, besides the post is featuring both these brands. I had to mention these oils too both have given incredible results. My complexion is thankful to the control me oil and my psoriasis banished due to the salvation hair oil. Must haves!
September: GGG event This was a fantastic day. I am really looking forward to GGG no.2 - I met some icredible people, learnt so much about green beauty, and discovered new brands, ate some amazing food and missed my baby boy like crazy!
October: Breast cancer month ft: LUSH cosmetics It's breast cancer awareness this month so I feel this is the most important post I have written this month. A great product for your breasticles a easy way to remember to check yourself!

I'd like to say thank you, to those that read, all my followers and the brands I work with. I thoroughly enjoy this hobby of mine. I can't wait to share more knowledge, reviews and recipes with you all!

The best way of saying thank you to my readers would be to reward you with over £50 worth of fabulous gifts from two of my favourite brands. The prize will include a Green people Night forest eye duo, tawny owl & mink brown. Perfect autumnal shades, it's made with organic ingredients. Skincare and haircare from Three organics including soothe me face oil & salvation hair oil. Perfect products for fall. Enter below for your chance to win!

Natural & Organic GIVEAWAY featuring: Green people & Three organics

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