Wednesday, 7 October 2015


Never waste another drop of your precious breast milk, thank the lord for whoever invented the milk saver. Genius creation. It's true when they say breast milk is like liquid gold. Sometimes Roman dribbles out my breast milk because my flow is really fast and I could cry when I see it wasted on his or my clothing! Whilst nursing my other breast is dripping out like a leaking tap. I was constantly thinking I wish I had an extra hand to catch it in a cup so I could use it when I bottle feed him... then one day Curtis mum's friend said 'does your other breast leak like mad?' I replied 'Yes' She then asked if I had the bra insert that catches milk... 'No!' and with that I got straight online and purchased one and thank goodness I did. The average nursing mum looses between 1 and 4 ounces of milk. 

You can mix milk as long as its refrigerated so every drop I loose now goes towards a bottle feed. Highly recommend for those who don't always find time to express off milk. It's BPA free and discreet so you can use it in public. It's currently half price!

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