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Old ancient remedies intrigue me, I'd never really thought about digesting my placenta until my aunt asked if I was going to bring it home cook it and eat it. I almost vomited when she suggested such things. But as I am into natural unusual things I thought I would do some research on digesting the placenta. After weeks of talking to other mums and reading the pros and cons I made the decision to have my placenta encapsulated. I didn't like the idea of cooking it like a steak, plus cooking can destroy nutrients. There was the option to have it blended into a smoothie but as a huge smoothie fan I decided this could potentially put me off for life. The best option? Capsules. Raw or cooked. I decided to go for raw that way nothing could be destroyed.

I came across many companies that can encapsulate the placenta, the best reviews I found were IPEN a lovely lady called Julie Decarroux encapsulated my placenta.

I birthed my placenta naturally which is the best thing to do if you are going to digest it. I couldn't believe how big it was, the sight of it swimming in blood horrified me but I knew it was going to give me great benefits. My boyfriends mother took my placenta home to be stored correctly before Julie would come to pick it up to work her magic! 

The next day my placenta was returned for me to start digesting. I couldn't start taking the capsules straight away as we had to stay in hospital for a few days. As soon as we were home I started taking them. You can take up to six a day but I really wanted to save them so started with just 1. I have now increased my dose to 3 a day. My milk supply is now huge and I have a really fast let down. Roman is gaining weight thoroughly. I didn't no for sure if the capsules helped with the milk supply but now I am sure as I didn't take them for a few days and my milk seamed to slow down a little. The other great benefit is my skin, people keep telling me how well I look. Ok so I had a breakout the other day but that's because I had my period I always get hormonal spots, it definitely wasn't as bad as it usually is though. My afterbirth bleeding stopped very early after 2-3 weeks. Other mums I have spoken to have bled for up to six weeks. Breast feeding mums tend not to have a period for a very long time but I had mine straight away I don't know if the capsules have helped regulate me already but it could be a possibility. Energy levels are great, I mean the first two weeks I had about 2 hours sleep per night yet somehow I still had energy? Finally post-natal depression, something a lot of mother's experience, I was very frightened of this happening to me as I have suffered anxiety and depression in the past more than once. With raging hormones its hard to know how you will feel and react to this huge change in your life. When my milk came in on day three yes I had the baby blues, I wasn't unhappy, sad or depressed. I would cry because I was so happy I would just look at Roman and cry for absolutely no reason other than the thought of how much I love him and his father. This stopped after about a week. I had slight anxiety at the beginning about silly things a tiny red mark, a tiny cry, but as a new mum this is normal you've never had a baby before so you don't know what is normal and what isn't normal I would like to think the placenta capsules had something to do with controlling my hormones and keeping anxiety at bay.

Overall if you are thinking of getting your placenta encapsulated I would say do it. I've read stories from other mums who didn't do it with their first and did with their second and wish they had. Its £150 but the best £150 I have spent in a long time. As a gift Julie dehydrated the umbilical cord into a heart shape so I can keep it forever, it means so much to a mother its the one thing that connected you both for almost 10 months. Have you digested your placenta or would you like to? Let me know in the comments.

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