Sunday, 8 November 2015

autumn: make up of the day & a new hairstyle

Autumn is my favourite season of the year, I've no idea why... maybe because my birthday & Christmas are upon us and that really excites me (big kid) I love the autumnal leaves, I love being out in that fresh wind on sunny autumn afternoon. Then curling up cosy in the evenings whilst it gets dark. 

I have bought some new clothes some cosy knits and skirts, I know what you're thinking, it's too cold for skirts but I haven't been able to dress pretty in a long time because of pregnancy and breastfeeding (which I am still doing) not many clothes are breast feeding friendly but skirts with a crop top or tee is a stylish and comfortable way to breastfeed. I am a huge dress fan but I am sick of button down dresses and shirt dresses!

I thought I would show you an autumnal look, and show off my new hair, which I love and hate all at the same time, why? I got bangs... I'm always growing out my bang's it's the story of ones life. But I equally love them, shout out to buster from blow me hairdressing for cutting bangs perfectly with my double cowslick! Cowslick? funny name for root curls isn't it? When I was in little school all the kids thought I was special I told them I was licked by a cow at birth... not sure why they would think that's special but hey, I went with it.

Anyway enough rambling here is what I used to achieve my look.

brows: nothing, just combed them with my brow comb.
eyes: living nature mascara thickening mascara | shade: jet black  benecos eye liner | shade night blue & 100% pure pretty naked pallet inner lid | shade: flax seed outer lid | shade: chestnut
face: 100% pure luminous primer, living nature foundation pure | shade: pure buff, logona perfect finish foundation | shade: light beige 02, sante cover stick | shade 01 & tan organics bronzing powder but just the highlighter section.
lips: living nature lipstick | shade: sandstone

I used the living nature foundation as a base as it's slightly darker than my skin, I then lightened areas with the logona... kind of a backwards quick contour I guess!? The living nature foundation is very thick and applies best with a flat foundation brush it also drys quickly. Logona is easier to blend over the top. I have become a huge fan of living nature makeup, especially their lipsticks they apply so perfectly no lip liner needed, the shape is slightly different to a traditional lipstick and I think this really helps it apply easier, this shade is so prefect for autumn its kind of a purple/brown nude I love it!

Hope you like this autumnal look, what products are you loving this autumn? Will you be trying any of these?

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