Sunday, 22 November 2015

finding the perfect clay mask: reviews

I went on the hunt for a clay mask, sometimes my skin has a major breakout. My skin type is oily, a majority of the time, but also becomes dry during colder weather and it's also sensitive! It's very tricky finding the 'perfect' product when it comes to my face. I thought I would narrow it down to three mask's that worked. Budget, between'y & blow out-ish...

First up its blow out-ish at £19.80 for 60ml, by Kimberly Sayer deep cleansing french clay mask I consider this a reasonable amount for a toxic free mask to be honest, however the more expensive ones I have tried didn't work well for me. Ok, so what I love about this product is that it double as an over night spot treatment. I just dab a small amount over spot go to bed and BAM it's ready to be gone! (kinda like the old toothpaste trick without feeling like its going to burn your skin off!) I know a lot of acne sufferers or those of us with very oily skin worry about mask's drying out our skin but this doesn't. It applies very easily, I do not need to use a huge amount of product it's nice and thick and doesn't dry to quickly allowing you to spread the product more evenly. It doesn't leave my skin feeling irritated or stiff. I love the packaging very simple & I like things that come in glass packaging, it's widely recycled and also I just have a bit of a thing for glass... will I buy this again, yes I would. This mask it only to be used weekly but I have been using it twice weekly. Oh, one last thing... it works at ridding blemishes, unclogging pores and reducing breakouts.

Next we have *my favorite* of them all. The between'y at £20.00 for 60ml, by Mallow & White gentle clay face mask for normal/dry skin. I know you are probably confused as this mask is slightly more expensive than the blow out-ish mask, but let me explain... this mask is packaged in powder form, you make it up as you go which I think is absolutely awesome. Saves packaging. It doubles as an exfoliator. A very gentle but effective one. I am so happy Joanne of mallow & white got in touch with me about her brand because now I've found it my perfect clay mask. I'm not even kidding my skin instantly looked cleaner, less aggressive from my breakout and it felt incredibly clean and moisturised. As an exfoliator I can literally feel it scooping out the dirt by gently unclogging my pores. Best of all it has only 5 ingredients, amazing I know. I love a product made simply but works like it has 1000000 minions inside it! Dead sea mud to help soften and hydrate the skin. Moroccan lava clay helps draw toxins from the skin, organic cornstarch cleansing, Green tea powder contains antioxidants polyphenols which help improve skin elasticity and Organic rose geranium essential oil to help re balance, geranium is one of my favourite scents! The packaging is gorgeous, the product also came packaged beautifully I mean it had pretty petals, autumnal leaves and popcorn, my first thought was 'can I eat it?' I am sure I will be repurchasing this forever more.

Last up we have budget at £6.99 for 75ml, by Lovea green clay mask this worked well for me, only it upset my skin after use it would be red and a little hot, at first I thought maybe it contained something I am allergic too but I can't pin point anything in the ingredients. I think with cheaper product sometimes you kind of expect it not to work so well but this did work well. If you don't have sensitive skin like I, this could well be for you. They have 3 clay masks for different skin types I used green clay as that's for oily skin types. Curtis gets on well with this mask. He has oily skin too, he doesn't suffer as many breakouts as me, obviously, he's a guy, luckily he doesn't have those hormones!!! They have just recently changed the packaging of this product I prefer the new look. Lovea products are over 98% natural and free from harmful chemicals.

What skin type do you have? Will you be trying any of these masks? Or do you already have a favourite mask, let me know in the comments!

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