Monday, 30 November 2015

november: a month of discoveries & fun

I thought I would do a little post on the month passed, my weeks aren't busy enough to do these kinds of post's weekly so I am aiming to do them monthly. 90% of my week is consumed of, nappy changing, feeding and pumping... with lots of cuddles and kisses, silly noises dashes of dribble and lots of giggles with my little boy. Oh wait and not much sleep........

At the start of novemeber I mastered the art of making chocolate, raw chocolate in fact it's a long process as you have to be very careful when gently melting the ingredients that you do not cook the ingredients other wise they'll no longer be raw.

Then I decided I would switch up my hair, I got bangs. Instantly regretted it, it's far too windy to even wear them! Also my hair has started to fall out. post-natal hair loss has my home looking like we have 15 dogs!!!!!

I discovered an awesome soup brand called soupoligie. They are gluten free and lactose free. My favourite flavour is spinach & kale with garlic. I have been consuming this a lot this month as kale & spinach are both great for healthy milk supply. Oh I also let Roman have a spoonful and he absolutely loved it. That's all he's getting until he's six months though.

We went to ikea and bought a pantry finally I have somewhere to store all my herbs, spices, grains and vegtables! Though I didn't enjoy putting it up much there were so many screws. Curtis insisted he do it but as always I like to think I am bob the builder.
We did out first ever shop at the better food company this month we always say we are going to shop there and never end up doing it. They sell a huge range of local produce, organic and natural products. A huge range of dairy free and gluten free products too! As well as beauty and health products. We treated our self to some organic ribeye steak from devon. The best steak I have ever eaten. Partly because I know how to cook a good steak! We also tried their organic mince meat and equally amazing, I made a delicious bolognese with fresh basil and homemade gluten free garlic bread.

I found the perfect clay mask finally, by mallow & white in depth post about it here. 

I started making Roman's christmas stocking , finished all my christmas shopping and wrapped up most of it. I hate wrapping gifts I am rubbish and it really bores me. I also put the christmas tree up, for Romans benefit... or the fact I am a big kid and cannot wait until december.

Finally found a shop that sells all types of squash! The better food co of course So now I can enjoy my bahia moquecca the original way!

We decided to switch out toothbrushes to a more eco friendly choice and we were pleastently surprised with how well they clean our teeth. Monte blanco clip toothbrush all you need to do is replace the head. saving plastic and packaging :) I found it cleaned my teeth way more thorughly than the leading brand colgate which was our usual choice of toothbrush.

To end my wonderful november I attended the amazing #glowgettergathering at the awesome Ketners in soho, which was full of incredible green brands and some amazing blogging girls too! We had the chance to talk with and learn more about these amazing green brands, many which were family run business which I absolutley love. I had plenty of bellini's and mini meringues. But my favourite thing was tasting the amazing dairy free cheese cake and incan berry chocolates all made with 100% natural and organic ingredients.


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