Saturday, 5 December 2015

Botanicals: Himalayan rock mineral in a mint & tea tree therapeutic foot soak

I'll be honest, I don't look after my feet as much as I should. Honestly I don't think many of us do. But really we should. Our poor feet carry the weight of our entire body around all day, every day. If you've ever had a acupressure foot massage you'll know that their are key points in our feet that if massaged correctly can fix certain problems elsewhere in the body. If that's not reason enough to look after your feet maybe I can tempt you to do so with the fabulous therapeutic foot soak from Botanicals.
This is the perfect product to look after your feet. With over 84 essential minerals it's guaranteed to put a spring back in your step after you've slept of it's power relaxation technique of course! Epsom salt bath's are a regular for me. When I suffered anxiety I always soaked my feet in epsom salt. If I only I knew about this product it would have added some extra wonderful benefits. I find mint really uplifting and calming it's almost like when I breath it in it clears away all my troubles. Myself and my feet (of course) felt fabulous after a soak. My feet were really soft and nourished and I will make sure I do this once/twice weekly whilst giving myself a pedicure IF Roman gives me enough time to myself that is.
Botanicals is becoming a huge favourite of mine and I can't wait to share more of their products with you. Purchase the soak for just £12.50 for 175ml. This is included in the hands & feet pamper box here. I think they make the perfect Christmas gift.


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