Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Favourites: Whats on my face

It's been a while since I have done a favourites, there is a lot of thing's I am loving so stay posted as there will be more... Today's is all about facial products. Some I have mentioned before and some are new discoveries of mine and I am bursting to share them with you. Old & new.

So first up we have a few things from Living nature a brand I have grown very fond of since discovering it this September at a blogging event I attended. There lipsticks are just incredible absolutely love everything from the packaging, formula, texture and of course colours! The one that is on my lips pretty much every day at the moment is the shade precious £19.50 Recently I started using their mascara and I must say though it's fragrance free I love it more than the 100% pure mascara that smells great. The Living nature mascara offers more length for me. It's all about the brush I am able to easily separate my lashes to help elongate them. Finally I have found it the perfect eye make up remover, I don't know why I just hate cream removers I always use tons of product and it feels wasteful. I also don't like the way they make my eyes feel. Living nature's formula is liquid and I find this much easier to remove eye make up, more gentle and I also find it perfect to remove mascara blink marks! I'm always getting those with my long lashes. I have recently done a makeup look with some Living nature products here.

I'm really loving NATorigin liner for sensitive eyes. Its a really great formulation. Nice and dark when applied once, I actually also like using it to do cat eye, it works really well and doesn't smudge. £7.25 

If you're looking for the perfect illuminating primer, you need 100% pure luminous primer with vitamins and antioxidants it's the perfect primer for underneath your foundation. 100% pure luminous primer is 100% vegan and 100% natural. It is slightly expensive but you do only need a very small amount. £24.00 

The Botanicals Rose & Camellia range is my must have skin care at the moment, it's saved my skin from drying out too much in the winter wind. More in depth post about the range here. My two favourites at the moment are the Cleansing melt & Anti-ageing serum. I use both daily. The serum works really well beneath make up. 

Now moving on to the product that banished my spots. Mallow & white Restore face mask containing only six ingredients its the perfect mask to add to your natural beauty regime. It is packaged in powder form so you mix it as you use. I have currently been using mine with Apple cider vinegar and wow the results have been amazing. Thanks to Amber from Amber's beauty talk for letting me in on that little tip. £20.00 

Finally a product I have been loving forever. Madara tinting fluid. It hydrates and illuminates. When I cant be bothered with foundation or simply just want to freshen up my face, if it looks a bit tired then I'll use this. This products smells so lovely too. Below you can find swatches for both shades. Read my full review here. £23 Also available in 15ml for £10.
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