Friday, 4 December 2015

green people: quinoa & artichoke hair care. aka the best you'll ever have

So Roman is almost 5 months, which mean I am going through the dreaded 'post natal hair loss stage' *crys* It's been really depressing, my thick luxurious hair, limp and lifeless and falling out by the chunk (not even exaggerating) if I don't brush it a couple of times a day it becomes one huge dreadlock... Unable to do anything with my newly cut fringe (stupid mistake for post natal hair stage) I was in desperate need of something to give it life again.

The texture of my hair has changed it's dryer, more frizzy and less curly, so boring! At least until I tried Green peoples quinoa & artichoke shampoo & conditioner finally I don't look so bald. Ok it only appears to make my hair look thicker but it contains some pretty awesome ingredients to help nourish the little hair I have left :) This make me happy. I am a huge fan of Green people products they never fail to please me. You can expect up to 50% more shine because they use natural quinoa protein, it contains artichoke to help repair hair cuticles and avocado oil to deeply condition the hair. So although I am loosing a lot, this hair care duo is doing exactly what my hair needs.

I love the scent of these two products. You only have to use very small amounts so it's lasting me a long time. The price is very good for such quality product. The packaging it really pretty & simple too. You can purchase the 100ml size duo for just £16.95 they are slightly more expensive than the usual shampoo's however its worth every penny. Both products contain a huge amount of organic ingredients shampoo has 81% and condition has 91% I think the duo would make a great Christmas gift. 

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