Tuesday, 8 December 2015

homemade: haddock & parsley fishcakes | gluten free

Sick of paying stupid money for gluten free stuff, so decided to start making more homemade gluten free products. One of my favourites right now (because its super healthy) fishcakes! With a little twist, I had no idea what I was doing to be honest. As Curtis would say, 'is this one of your made up recipe's' yes! yes it was and hallelujah it came out pretty darn delicious. First time round they were a little floppy, I was tired (I have a new born). I hideously added some soya milk to my recipe, duh, it's not mash Eloise!

Anyway second time round here's what I did... Firstly let me tell you what you'll need to create these divine dinner delights.

1 Small piece of haddock
approx 3 potatoes
gluten free bread crumbs
some fresh parsley
1 lemon
agave nectar
1 egg white

Now here is what you do, boil your potatoes to almost mash don't over boil else they will go to mushy! Cook your fish. Roughly chop your parsley. In a large bowl. Add the potatoes and mash them roughly, add your fish and mash some more, pour one tablespoon of agave, your chopped parsley and the whole of lemon juice. With your hands mix it all together. Let it cool once it's cold... (the next bit is the messy bit).

On a clean side or large chopping board pile the ingredients out roll it flat with a rolling pin but reasonably thick. With a cookie cutter, cut the cakes. Separate your egg white from the yolk. Finally use a pastry brush or simply dip the cakes into the egg, then cover them in bread crumbs (sometimes easier said than done) Pop them in the oven until crispy and golden and enjoy!
Let me know if you tried them and tag me in any photos :) x

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