Friday, 11 December 2015

john masters organics: a shaving bar and a recycled razor | ♻

I much prefer getting a wax than to shave off my bodily hair. But after the birth on Roman no way was anybody going near my bikini line. Also I just didn't want any kind of pain (I find leg waxing super painful) my underarms I am ok with but my legs I could cry! So I have been shaving using this awesome recycled razor by preserve which came with a spare razor cartridge. 
It's a really great razor in comparison to commercial brands I get a nice close shave and the razor doesn't become blunt to quickly. I also like that it's good for the environment. The razor is available at Big green smile for £6.99 You can buy extra cartridges for £6.99 for 4.

Then I started saving my conditioner for my head hair, (not to shave to nourish!) and started using john masters organics shaving bar. Wasn't sure if I was going to like this but me and Curtis both get on really well with it! Here are our thoughts. It doubles as a body cleanser which I think is fab, never thought about using a body cleanser before but it leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. I imagine it would help with bodily spots, I used to suffer with spots on my back I could have done with something like this then. The product has a great scent too. Overall I probably wouldn't buy this again just because I do prefer waxing but I think it's great for those who shave, lasts way longer than shaving foams and much gentler for the skin. You use such small amount of product with this it's probably going to last well over a year. £7.00

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