Friday, 18 December 2015

Looking out for all fairy's with veeda ✌

You might wonder why I am posting about feminine hygiene. Did you know that ordinary sanitary products contain really harmful toxins that can well, er enter our lady parts and can potentially cause serious harm to the body. These products usually contain synthetic ingredients and dyes. Along will many harmful chemicals. That's why today I am telling you all about natural brand Veeda.
I've been using 100% and organic cotton sanitary products for well over 3 years now as I read how unhealthy ordinary sanitary items were. Buying natural and organic seamed like the right decision to make.

Veeda is a company in which two Australian men, yes, you read correctly men! How cool? After their friend struggled to find natural tampons they seized the opportunity to create a business that specialised in just that and other sanitary products of course. They are also eco-friendly so not only caring for us women but for the planet too!

I have tried and tested their products and I can honestly say I recommend them. There aren't many natural/organic sanitary products on the market and for all the ones I have tried these are definitely up there with the best. Veeda offer a wide range of products. 

What do you think about switching to natural sanitary?


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