Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Products I use for my precious little boy: free from nasties

So many mother's are blinded by the world 'natural' please realise that for a product to be deemed 'natural' it need only contain 1% natural ingredients. Or for example many leading brands that are commonly bought because they are specifically designed for babies. I bet if you googled some of the ingredients you'd think twice about putting them inside & onto your precious little baby. I get that some mothers are put off by true natural products because of the price. But let me tell you something that may or may not sway you to the green side. 
I have bought many products from green people for myself before little one entered our world. I then chose their organic babies range to care for my son's skin. He is currently 5 months of age and I am still on his first body wash, how? because a little goes a long way I am estimating it will last until he's six months. So let's do some math. One bottle of green people scent free or lavender baby wash cost's £7.25 lets say it's going to last him six months that is just £1.20833333 (yes I used a calculator) so just over a £1 a month. Not expensive at all. Moving on to the nappy balm, again still on the first tube at £9.95 that is still less than £2 per month You can read a full review here. I do believe the way I change him makes all the difference plus we use natural nappies. He rarely gets a rash/sore but when he does one application of this, by the next nappy change it's all better.

I also particularly like the lavender baby salve which I have been using on his forehead when he gets dry skin from the coldness he endures when outside. I totally need to purchase their baby lotion which is ideal for protection against cold winter weather. For summer I used their SPF which I found incredibly easy to apply and helped protect his skin when he was exposed to sun rays. (you must always take extra care with babies and children as sun cream isn't 100% protection) He loves when I massage him with the baby oil and I love knowing its packed full of organic ingredients safe for his skin. I try not to bath him more than twice weekly. Water can be very drying to the skin.

Moving on to teething. Most parents worst nightmare. Yes ok Roman has grizzled and groaned but I have some amazing products to help us through his first tooth. Yes! 5 months and he has a darn tooth (I'm thankful its at the bottom because he sometimes bites down on my nipples - imagine? ouchhh) Firstly instead of pumping him with paracetamol when he was in discomfort I'd nurse him. If that didn't work I would give him some Weleda chamomilla granules. After one or two doses he would be as calm as a cucumber. The crying would stop and he could sleep better. I also helped soften his gums by massaging them regularly with with a baby massage toothbrush and green people's mandarin toothpaste which he LOVES the taste of it's so natural that its safe if swallowed. (but don't feed it to your baby) You can read more about how I dealt with teething here. 

Bedtime. If I am honest this product doesn't MAKE your baby sleep, however it can relax them. Roman is generally very good when he is tired he will go to sleep, with a little boobie or sometimes just cuddles. I don't think it's time for self soothing yet he is still very young and being 100% breast fed he tends to be a little more not clingy lets say comforted by mama :) well or dada sometimes he will not settle for me, hand him over to dad, sleeping in approximately 5 minutes, what am I missing? But sometimes if neither of us can settle him a few sprays of this in his cot, I then pop him in there and he will relax, sometimes he will drop off other times he's too hungry or just wants a cuddle but I have found it a great calmer as well as diffusing lavender essential oils to help calm him when he is really hysterical.

Finally when baby is poorly. Dose him up with paracetamol... NO. Besides when I did offer it he spat it out. He has his first bug a cold/cough poor little thing he really wasn't himself still smiles every day as well as lots of giggles. To help his chest at night I bought Mama loves organics soothing balm. A natural alliterative to baby vapour rubs it helped him breath deeply and clearly at night and not once did his cough wake him up. That along with lots of boobie milk and some added vitamin C, echanacia and elderberry into my diet (to pass it through milk) helped him get over his nasty bug with in less than two weeks.

When Roman was first born I was very poorly with an infection, I was prescribed antibiotics and although they were safe to take whilst breast feeding they gave him a really upset tummy. After weeks of wondering what on earth was wrong with precious boy the osteopath saved us. He asked if he or I had taken anti-biotics. Then suggested a pro biotic safe for baby free from nasties to help balance his digestive system. It was worth a try as nothing else would soothe him. A bottle of my milk with Biokult mixed in helped him tremendously with in a few days he was back to his happy little self pooping with no pain. 

Are there any particluar products that you like using on your little ones? How do you feel about switching to natural/organic options?


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