Thursday, 10 December 2015

pukka tea: as easy as one, two, three

For a long time I have been a huge fan of herbal tea's, this year I discovered pukka tea a Bristol based tea brand. They use organic ingredients and have a huge range of tea's and other products. I often struggle to wake up in the mornings due to having a new born who wakes me up for plenty of feeds during the night. But I also struggle to drift off at night due to being an over thinker. So I decided to give myself a tea diet. Of course I still eat food. This is simply a replacement of other beverages.
Morning tea: revitallise | This tea is a perfect blend of cininmon, cardamon and ginger to inviforate and wake you up first thing in the morning. It has a really beautiful taste I never used to like cinimon or ginger but over the years it has grown on me. Did you know that cardamon spice is classifyed as green gold. It deffinitley spices up a winter morning and awakens my mind.

Afternoon tea: love | This tea is a perfect blend of rose, chamomile and lavender, I love a floral tea it's very sweet. Its said to warm the soul. I enjoy this on a wintery afternoon to help me wind down I do believe the ingredients enter my breastmilk making Roman more relaxed late afternoon and early evening too. (I need to drink more of these after chocolate)

Evening tea: night time | This tea is a perfect blend of oat flower, lavender and limeflower. I find this to be a perfect beverage before bed it helps me fully relax and again enters my milk to help Roman have a more peaceful night. I don't love the taste as much as the other to I find it slightly more bitter so I add a spoonful of coconut palm sugar or agave to slightly sweeten.

I think that herbal tea's are a great way of hydrating with extra benefits. I am a nightmare not drinking enough fluids. Which isn't so great when breastfeeding. So this just makes hydrating a little more interesting. Detox your mind, body & soul, heal yourself naturally with the power of herbs.

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