Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Soigne the tools for perfect nails

I hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas, I sure did it was Roman's 1st & he was absolutely spoilt. He didn't understand what was happening but he was very excited by everything going on. Me on the other hand... e x h a u s t e d. One little treat I received post Christmas, twas' one's birthday as a gift I was given the nail art kit & the tool kit from soigne.

I have always looked after my nails. I get many compliments on there quality and length. Some times I forget about them especially now I have a little one there isn't always time for myself. I needed some new nail tools and I wanted to dabble in decorating them a little for when I go out so wanted some nail art tools too.

I absolutely love the packaging the products will be staying inside it there is no way I can throw away the gorgeous boxes. They are gold too which makes them look real chic, they have soigne engraved on them which is a lovely touch. I love all the tools and they all work really well except for the nail file... I've no idea why it's metal I don't usually like metal files that much but was looking forward to using this one as it is part of the set. But it doesn't file I spent so long trying to re-shape my nails and nothing happened so that was pretty disappointing. But as for everything else they work really really well.
The art kit, I should've written this baring pictures but I haven't had time to re-decorate my nails since Christmas. But when I do some artsy fartsy thangs ill snap them and do a little update post for you to see how fab my nail art is (just kidding) dot's and stripes are as far as it goes at the moment. It includes a thin brush to achieve stripes. There are two different sized balls on the end of one tool a very small ball and a slightly larger one to achieve dots. The third tool is an eraser how great is that im always accidentally painting my finger a little dab into some polish remover and mistakes are undone! 

Nail art tool kit is £18 currently on offer for £16. The tool kit is currently out of stock, im guessing a lot of people ordered them at the reduced rate of £24... maybe they will bring a new kit out with a better file? 

Do you enjoy decorating your nails?

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