Monday, 28 December 2015

The best hair care duo... goes to moogoo!

For years I have struggled with a dry sensitive scalp. I have tried many natural and organic haircare duo's in hope that they would relieve my symptoms. Nothing has worked. I have even used those with ingredients that target dry scalp such as bergamot. So when Moogoo got in touch to offer me some of their products to try out, and mentioned that the shampoo and conditioner was for sensitive scalps I didn't have high hopes because nothing has ever worked in the past so assumed this wouldn't either.
How very wrong I was. Firstly I was just super impressed bu the bottles it's like what you use when hairdressing hand free just pump it out, super quick and easy. Then I was overwhelmed with the gorgeous scent that hit my nose, totally wanted to eat some... but what I was most impressed with is the way it healed my scalp after just one use. I noticed a massive improvement, second use gone(!!!) no flaky skin? no itching? no soreness? what has happened? Its a miracle and now as much as I love many other brands of hair care I believe I have found my perfect duo. I won't be changing ever! I can't possibly now after the amazing results I have had. I am just so grateful they got in touch and without meaning to changed a huge problem in my life.
I took to their website to read more about their shampoo & conditioner and learnt that it was initially made for a family member who's scalp was so irritated and itchy that they'd go to bed with olive oil and cling film wrapped around there head! It took them a lot or trials to get the formula right and here it is helping me and many others have a healthy problem free scalp. I think the products are super affordable at £11.90 for 500ml. The formula is so gentle it can be used on children its also really convenient having the pump for easy use with children! They have switched to a flip cap for environmental reasons but you can request to have a pump sent with your haircare then you can just keep reusing it for each new bottle!

Do you have scalp issues?

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