Monday, 14 December 2015

Winter lipstick: nudes & reds

You'll rarely see me without lipstick on. I mostly wear natural shades but sometimes I opt for a flush of colour, usually reds/purples. My skin is paler during the winter months and I think there's something really captivating about a red lip and pale skin. I also love nudes but not pale nudes I prefer the enhanced lip colour kind of shades. Something with a hint of pink or purple.

First up its 100% pure|Pomegranate this is pretty much a lip balm, I like wearing this during the day especially if my lips are a little dry and need some TLC but I also want a flush of colour. These are suitable for vegans, they contain pigmentation from fruits rather than crushed beetles! This is a really great option for those who like bold colours. I love the formulation it is very easy to apply. You can build colour really well with this product. It has a wonderful smell. It has great staying power, I only need to top up if I have eaten. All that whilst containing the powerful ingredients of plantation to care for your luscious lips. £8.00 

A nude I am absolutely obsessed with. Living nature|Sandstone it has a slight purple tone so one application is definitely enough for me. I find Living nature lipsticks super easy to apply without a lip brush making them the perfect lipstick for going out. They contain bees wax so unfortunately aren't vegan friendly. But they contain all natural pigments and nourishing waxes! I only wish they would do more shades, especially reds! They are long wearing and really lovely to apply. £19.50 
The one I wear on every night out. Lavera|Wild cherry The perfect winter red vibrant but dark & berry shaded. It leaves a subtle gloss after application but not to glossy I prefer my lipsticks matte but non drying. This does exactly that. Again this isn't vegan friendly as it contains carmine. However if you don't mind that as an ingredient they have a superb colour range. And a few different formulations. The colour is very opaque and has really long staying power. For those who love mac lipsticks these are for you. Big green smile currently have Lavera lipstick in a 3 for 2 offer. £11.90 

Last up a vegan friendly brand. Lippy girl|Schmoopy I absolutely love this colour for the day it has a slight pink hue. It's very subtle as I really don't suit pink shades. I love how natural and friendly the formulation is my only negative on this is sometimes they snap, however sticking it back together and putting it into the fridge fixes this problem. My flat is super warm so I always tend to put it into the fridge before wearing to ensure it doesn't break. For a vegan brand Lippy girl offer a really wonderful colour range, I am really looking forward to trying out some of the red tones. They stay on really well and are really kind to the lips. These lipsticks are also certified gluten free so great for celiacs. Schmoopy is currently half price. £6.25 

What's your favourite colour lipstick?

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