Wednesday, 20 January 2016

An avocado face mask by botanicals

It's been all about avocado this week. Avocado breakfast's, avocado deserts (recipes coming soon!) and now avocado based products to review! Good job I love avocados eh? I love a good clay mask, and I love a product from Botanicals so this was a recipe for happy skin. 
First impression I was a little weirded out, it was oily, ah! Ive never had an oily based clay mask. Anyway I applied the product as instructed. Left it on for 10 minutes. After rinsing with a organic muslin cloth my skin instantly felt refreshed. It felt calmer. I'd been out partying at the weekend (first night since before pregnancy) we got in at 6am. I then couldn't be bothered to remove make up (such a rare out of character thing for me to do) but I was soooooo tired for days! So this mask helped save my neglected skin and get it back to where it was pre-partying! 

The green clay helps draw out impurities, so is perfect for spot prone skin. The avocado and jojoba oil are rich in fatty acids which leave the skin smooth and clear. The product which I didn't know until reading on their website is concentrated so a little is only needed, I am so heavy handed with products I always apply to much. This means it's great value for money especially if you suffer with a lot of break outs like myself! 

If you want to try a clay mask and hate the ones that dry this is the product for you. Its given my skin great results. It smells lovely, feels lovely, looks lovely and well makes my skin look lovely! Oh and its really affordable at £18.95 for 60g.

It does say to use once weekly but I have been using it twice. I think it's ok to use things twice so long as they are non drying products. You can also add some flower water to the product. Or my new favourite trick for spot busting, apple cider vinegar! However it wont smell as nice as flower 

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