Monday, 25 January 2016

Five free nail polish (top three shades) Soigne

I always try to aim for a five free nail polish. It means it's free from harmful carcinogens. There are rather a few five free brands, but I haven't tried that many yet. However I am working my way through the entire collection of Soigne polishes. They have a huge colour range. I really love the brushes and the formula. The formula never seams to dry up or go sticky. The brush is slightly thicker meaning brushing twice is enough. The colours are very opaque - I don't have time to do 3-4 coats like some brands need. After two coats (sometimes one if darker & in a rush) is enough to leave the nail looking fabulous. 
My top three colours at the moment are Betteraves rouges, a bright red with a deep undertone. It's bright but not organge-bright I prefer red's slightly deeper. You can get away with one coat with this shade which is fab because this is my go-to shade of polish at the moment.

I am also loving the blue-green shade Bleuet it's a slightly more prussian blue mixed with a dirty teal? That sounds awful but you can see from the image's that it's really a lovely winter shade! Again one coat is enough.

Finally I am loving Muscadine a brightish purple, I don't think I have ever wore purple before, lilac yes, purple no... but I am really loving this colour and it's so prefect for fall. You do need two coats of this shade though as it's slightly more transparent when applied.
I think that Soigne polishes are really affordable for 5 free. You can also mix & match and create your own trio collection at a slight discounted price they will arrive in a cute box. They make the perfect gift, for your friends or yourself! Nail polishes are £11 each.
Whats shade's & brands are you loving at the moment?

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