Monday, 18 January 2016

Gluten free skincare: Hand & body lotion by Jason

Calling all celiacs. I have the perfect hand & body duo for you. It's affordable unlike gluten free foods. When I discovered Jason had a certified gluten free range I was very excited to try some of it out. I was lucky enough to be sent the perfect product for winter, just in time for this very cold January we are expected to have. I have only just started religiously moisturising my entire body since pregnancy so this is perfect for my daily body lotion as its affordable. 

I like Jason packaging its always coloured by range which is a fab idea. I kind of want to own one thing from each range to create a rainbow on my dresser. 
I really like this product as a body lion its very creamy and easily soaks into the skin. Great for me as I am a mama with little time for myself. I don't know if I like it as a hand lotion. I prefer creams something thicker that leaves my hands feeling dry after application. However I do like using this as an over night hand lotion with some organic cotton gloves and applied thickly for my hands to soak up throughout the night. It's the perfect saviour after a day full of hand washing because of messy little Roman! Hand washing as much as I do can really dry out my hands. This product contains avocado oil which is really nourishing. Its also fragrance free I think this would also be great for sensitive skin types. At £7.99 I think this product is great value for money!

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