Monday, 4 January 2016

how I prepared for motherhood: tips n' all

Tomorrow marks the day my precious little Roman will have spent six months outside the womb. So this week I am dedicating all my post's to mama's and anybody else who would enjoy reading them of course. I think there is only so much preparing you can do when expecting but every little helps. But here is what I did I hope it helps some other mamas to be. I wish I did more preparation but it is hard to do everything you want, same goes for when they arrive. These tips just might make things a little easier and help you stress less when your little bundle of joy enters our world.
TIP 1| Research what you'll need throughout pregnancy, what you'll need as a parent and for your baby. Then buy it (obviously) but rather than buying in abundance purchase things each month this way you can budget. At 34 weeks I was fully prepared for baby's arrival. It was a lovely feeling there was no 'oh shit's' and 'we forgot this' we had almost everything we needed and we weren't broke - it helped budgeting an amount each month starting with the most expensive and working our way through to the least expensive! (don't buy it unless you really NEED it)

TIP 2| Eat high amounts of iron from the second you find out you are pregnant, nobody actually tells you, you need to consume a lot more during pregnancy. I became dangerously low and almost had to go to hospital. If you don't like greens try supplementing it (go for a more natural supplement they're more effective and you're less likely to get unpleasant side effects, for example sickness, diarrhoea or constipation). Not all women have low iron during pregnancy but it's best to try and avoid it becoming low. Read more about my iron deficiency and how I dealt with it here.

TIP 3| Meditate, calm your mind (as difficult as it can be) you have to remember women were born to bring life from one world to the next. You can do this (I did it, I still don't know how, but I did!).

TIP 4| Swim lots, its the best pregnancy exercise, yoga also, I did both after my hyperemesis gravidarum (what the princess had) settled down and up until I discovered I had divarication of the abdominal muscles (splitting of abdominal muscle) and was told I was no longer fit for exercise or work (try and remember that things don't always go as you plan in your mind!) Stay open minded.

TIP 5| Prepare lots of food for once you've had your baby, you won't have much time to cook so being able to grab healthy options out the freezer will not only be good for you and baby if you are breast feeding but quicker and you won't need to waste energy or time. This was a life saver for me and I totally wish I made up more as I have wasted so much precious time cooking for mine and Roman's health.

Do you have any other tips for mums to be? Pop them below in the comments.

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