Friday, 1 January 2016

Not your average new years eve (no resolutions just a mantra)

I wasn't going to write a New Years post. I'm not into resolutions, I feel like New Years is slightly over rated... Along with over priced. But something happened to me this New Year's Eve. Something incredible.

I've had the best New Year's Eve I have ever experienced. Not just because my precious little boy is here with us. I have had a very amazing year but there have been a lot of stresses and strains along the way I have found it most challenging. I don't want to go into detail about all my problems (we all have them) but one in particular is my struggles with breast feeding. I want to talk more in depth about it in a separate post. However this New Year's Eve. I spoke with a recommended herbalist (basically all I wanted was a tincture to help with let down problems) little did I know I'd receive a very important life lesson, a new mantra 'love thyself' it's this day I started a new journey a journey of truly healing myself from within.

Ok so I'm into meditation, yoga, natural living etc... But I have never really truly appreciated myself, or loved myself. Deeply & truly like I love my son. It was when I spoke with herbalist Amanda that she opened my mind to harmonising my body by encouraging me to be kind to myself like I am to Roman, to love me like I love him. 

I sat in bed at 00.15 and nursed Roman, whilst I listened to the sounds of fireworks and cheers. I looked at him with all the love I felt when I birthed him and I cried. I cried because I felt so much love, but I also felt love for me in that moment... I felt so at peace. So proud of both myself and my baby, and there it happened my milk flowed like a running river how it should when the mind, body and soul are in harmony.

Prior to this moment I was wishing I'd gone to the local FREE firework display just down the road... But when this moment happened I couldn't care less that id missed gun powder flying into the atmosphere and into our lungs. Everything I needed and wanted was right there with me. I wished Curtis and Roman a happy new year (though they were both sleeping) I then wrote this post.

I hope you all had a wonderful year and I wish you all the best for 2016. It was truly lovely spending New Year's Eve with our friends who are like minded they love nature as much as us, though we didn't see the new year through together as we all got to tried HA. It was a glorious night filled with laughter, love, advice and food... Home made everything of course! They'll be damned they didn't stay for ice cream though.

I don't have any 'New Years resolutions' I think they're a little silly and nobody ever sticks to them but I would like to introduce a mantra... 'Love thyself and fear less' I must tell myself this everyday.

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